Rikki-tikki-tavi is a sailboat, tri-hulled and 41-feet 10-inches long from the tip of his curious nose to the tip of his bottle-brushy tail. He is named after Kipling’s valiant mongoose from The Jungle Books, Volume Two, and is a most distinctive trimaran, as you will see.

Rikki-tikki is currently traveling up the Paciifc Coast of North America toward British Columbia, after fifteen years of construction. He first touched his toes (claws) to water in the Sacramento River in May 2004. Later that year he followed the river's flow to San Francisco Bay, where he finally received his wings to fly. As it was his destiny to take his intrepid crew, Clark and Nina, on many great adventures, Rikki and his side-kick, Darzee, left for points north in May 2005.

Rikki-tikki-tavi's motto, and that of all the mongoose family, is "Run and find out." That is precisely what we three are doing.

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Rikki-tikki-tavi started growing in 1990 and slowly took form. These pages chronicle his journey from his inception as a stack of mahogany plywood and fir. Compressed into a few minutes of viewing on the web, it is important to remember the expanse of time over which Rikki became whole and the perseverance of his builder, Clark Wagaman.

The construction method used to create this John Marples trimaran is called Constant Camber®. Rikki-tikki is a CC40, a center-cockpit cruising design. John has several different Constant Camber® tris of varying lengths, some designed more for racing/cruising. The boats created with Constant Camber® are light, sleek and curvy.

June 2009...

Clark and Nina have a new set of websites at svrikki.net. These construction pages are still included but in a revised and updated format. Some new information has been added. Darzee has a new blog, though the little tailor bird is a bit behind in posting. We have added new sites about our road trips to the deserts of the Southwest. Check them out!

While cruising, we are asked lots of questions about our low-carb lifestyle. We enjoy this most healthful way of eating, so we created a new site devoted to telling our story. We sincerely hope to inspire you!

Check out our new websites at svrikki.net

the Beginning of the Adventure...

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