This is our cork flooring. It is from Jelinek Cork and comes in 6"x36" strips. beveled on each long edge. It is unfinished and we've applied about 5-6 coats of satin water-base Varathane polyurethane specifically for floors. If it weren't for all the strange shapes and sole hatches, it'd be a real cinch to install with contact cement (not the water-base kind). So it was a bit tedious to make all the cuts, but the edges sand easily for a smooth appearance.

Cork is used in commercial flooring applications and we expect it to hold up very well. Plus it feels great on bare feet!

Below is the floor and hull side under the nav seat. We ran the flooring cork up two widths to join the sheet cork glued onto the hull.

Standard brass lift rings with latches beneath are installed on each sole lifting board. These are all countersunk into the cork. Notice the holes above in the rise of the little step into the settee? The big one is the vent for the Frigo-Boat compressor and the two side ones are just vents for the "bilge" storage areas.

There is quite a bit of room under the sole here even though the steering cables are lead through the center. They are protected from obstructions.

I've installed the door frame, cabinet fronts and drawers. Everything is finish-painted too. There is even upholstery in the vanity! It is a soft vinyl over high-density polyurethane called Q-Foam. We used 2" thick Q-31 for the back cushion and 3" Q-41 for the seat. All are wrapped with 1" Dacron for that luxury look (initially anyway).

We are using the Sagatsune locking flush spring-loaded pulls on all the cabinetry. They seem to be the "in" thing on production boats but make a lot of sense. We like how they work as both a pull and, when pushed all the way in, a positive lock.

The Mast...

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